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Arizona Paid Sick Leave Law: Proposition 206

Effective July 1, 2017

Created to help all AZ businesses comply with the new paid sick leave law

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The new Arizona sick leave laws are complex and tough to implement without expert legal and HR guidance. But to help you get started, we’ve created a complimentary webinar focused on how to quickly reach compliance with these new requirements:

This webinar will help any Arizona employer learn how to comply with the new law, but you should always seek expert HR or legal guidance to update your employee policies.

HEALTHCARE EMPLOYERS, YOU’RE IN LUCK! You can talk to CEDR directly, because we exist to provide HR policies and guidance specifically for independent healthcare practices. If you’re a healthcare owner/manager, be sure to visit the page we’ve created just for you, HERE.

Additional Resources

Proposition 206’s minimum wage and paid sick leave requirements are being implemented and enforced by the Industrial Commission of Arizona. The information on this site is gathered for your convenience and is meant to be in alignment with the ICA requirements. For additional information, please visit ICA’s website HERE.


The information on this website is general guidance and is not legal advice or a substitute for working with a qualified human resources professional or employment law attorney. The information is believed to be current as of the date of the website. As the state is expected to issue regulations that will provide further guidance on implementing the earned sick leave law, and may update their other resources and/or amend the law, employers are encouraged to check the Industrial Commission website for updates prior to implementing any policy and should work directly with a knowledgeable advisor.